Dear Student,

It is with a great sense of joy and pride that i extend to you my heartly welcome to our institurions in this, our maiden academic year. MADHURA SAI INSTITUTE OF IT & MANAGEMENT as you might be aware is an ambitious endeavour of the SRI MEDHA SREE EDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY, Already the various institutions managed by the SRI NARAYANA EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE SOCIETY have carved a niche for themselves in their respective feilds and the MADHURA SAI INSTITUTE OF IT & MANAGEMENT significe the culvination of the society impeccable long track record in relentless service to the cause of education.

Excellence in the hallmark of the MADHURA SAI INSTITUTE OF IT & MANAGEMENT and since inception it has been our endeavour to see that every institution promoted by us shall be of top class standards, needless to mention, the same commitment is very much evident at MADHURA SAI INSTITUTE OF IT & MANAGEMENT too and i can assure you that the institute shall be second to none in the feild of Technical the entire country, world class facilities a very conductive academic environment and the best of faculty shall combine to ensure that you shall receive education of only the highest standards.

certainly, an management graduating from our institution shall not be found wanting in any respect and will not fall short of any expectations in terms of knowledge, skill and capabilities.

In conclusion i would once more like to assert that you will definately feel a sense of pride to be a student of this institution and on our part i would like to retirate my assurance of striving hard and sparing no effects to make seat of learning on envy of all. i wish you a fruiful tenure of academic study in our institution and a successful careers then on wards as a qualified Managerial professionals.

With my warm regards and best wishes to all of you


                                      Hari Narayana
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